Highlight the beauty of your home and increase its value with professional landscaping. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town’s landscaping professionals can bring life to any part of your property by designing and creating a fantastic garden escape that will leave your friends and family green with envy.


Our skilled landscape architects and designers we can help you develop a beautiful garden and offer residential and commercial clients expert advice on the following services:


  • Patios, Walkways & Driveways
  • Synthetic Putting Greens
  • Computer Imaging
  • Water Features
  • Corrective Drainage
  • Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplaces
  • Seed & Sod Lawns
  • Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Stone Retaining & Seat Walls
  • Wooden Decking
  • Privacy Hedging & Fencing
  • Foundation Planting


Patios, Walkways & Driveways
An ideal landscape consists of more than trees, flowers and hedges. Walkways, patios and driveways serve a functional purpose and allow your family to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor living area. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town can construct these in a variety of designs and materials to meet your needs and budget.


Synthetic Putting Greens
Imagine having your own putting green right in your backyard that never needs mowing, watering and remains forever green. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town provides artificial turf and synthetic grass for residential and commercial landscape projects, golf greens, playgrounds and community parks.


Computer Imaging
Unsure how to turn your landscaping ideas into reality. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town photographs your landscape area and digitally superimposes plants, shrubs, perennials, trees and mulch to provide a picturesque description of what your landscape will look like when complete. We all work with you to add to your vision.


Water Feature (Ponds & Waterfalls)
Water features in the garden keep temperatures cool during hot days and create a serene atmosphere. That's why building a pond or waterfall in your garden is always a great investment for your landscaping project. A garden fountain, meanwhile, is less expensive and practically maintenance free.


Corrective Drainage
A well- planned drainage system is just as important for your landscape as an appropriate irrigation system. It’s essential in avoiding a host of problems and preventing expensive damage to your landscape.


Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces
Many homeowners prefer to have a kitchen in their backyard, choosing a variety of appliances that you can choose from such as a cooking and barbecue grill, sink, smoker, refrigerator, wet bar, and even a fireplace or pizza oven.


Seed & Sod Lawns
Do you dream of having a lush green, thick and well-cut lawn? Planting your own grass by seeds is one way of going about it, although seeds sometimes fail to sprout. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town also delivers commercially harvested sod by selecting the best grass mixes and varieties for your area.


Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems
A well-designed irrigation system is paramount. At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town, our specialists deploy only commercial-grade sprinkler system parts and installation techniques to ensure top quality results. We use the latest technology, including automatic sprinkler systems with precise hydraulic calculations and rain sensors.


Landscape Lighting
Enjoy your landscape after the sun sets. Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town provides lighting effects to showcase specific aspects of your landscape and home, provide atmosphere and add a measure of security. Our services include:

Exterior landscaping lightning plans:

  • Up/down and path/area lighting
  • Moonlighting
  • Silhouetting or grazing

      Security and safety lighting plans:

      • Motion/heat-sensing spotlights
      • Softly lit pathways

          Automated control lighting plans:

          • Remote control lighting
          • Planned lighting or random sequencing

              Stone Retaining & Seat Walls
              Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town has expertise in designing and building stone retaining walls, privacy walls and sitting walls that will provide your landscape with an elegant look and additional security. Choose from a variety of materials, such as timbers, stones, interlocking blocks or stackable decorative blocks that do not need mortar.


              Wooden Decking 
              Want your garden to stand out and be different? Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town offers clients customized wooden decking to suit their unique vision. Our standard design and options work as a starting point. From there, the only limits are in your imagination. Contact us today for a free estimate!


              Privacy Hedging & Fencing
              The most enjoyable landscaping provides a certain level of privacy. At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town, our experts will help you to choose the best fencing or hedging option for your garden.


              Foundation Planting
              Outdoor plants increase your property’s aesthetic value. At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town our professionals can install a foundation planting or a raised garden bed, making sure the plants accentuate your property’s natural beauty and require a minimal level of pruning, separating, watering and weeding.


              Did we miss a service you need or want? Don't worry. Contact us today and we can discuss your special landscaping needs.