Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town offers irrigation systems for the domestic and commercial sector, schools, greening projects and factories. 
Our irrigation systems are designed to suit your needs as well as ensuring full coverage of the areas included in our proposal.

Manual Irrigation Installations

The manual system is user friendly yet hands-on installation. This system requires the client to open the tap to each zone. The watering time can be regulated manually.

The manual irrigation system can be linked to the existing wellpoint / borehole installation with a dual facility to enable the system to be operated from either municipal or ground water supply.

Our workmanship and material used in all our installations is of highest standard.

Repairs and maintenance visits can be scheduled by calling our offices.

Automated Irrigation

The automated system is totally independent ensuring watering at pre-set times and dates. This allows the client the peace of mind that the garden is adequately watered.