Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town will provide all of your property management and lawn maintenance needs. From consultation to installation and renovation, we take care of everything.

Some of our maintenance services include:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Seasonal Cleanups
  • Bark Mulch Blowing & Installation
  • Dethatching, Over-seeding & Aeration
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Organic Fertilizer & Chemical Programs
  • Tick, Flea & Insect Control

Lawn Maintenance
Maintaining a healthy lawn requires more than just adding some fertilizer and pesticide. Weeding, mowing and edging are necessary steps in keeping your lawn lush and healthy throughout the year. At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town, our lawn maintenance staff can help in removing weeds. We take mowing chores off your hands, performing the service weekly or monthly. We can also edge your lawn’s sidewalks and driveways at an affordable price.

Seasonal Cleanups
To keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the year, it's essential to perform routine seasonal cleanups (usually at the beginning and the end of the season).

Spring Cleanups: These services typically include raking and removing dead leaves from the lawn, pruning shrubs and edging flower beds. We also use spring cleanups to aerate and dethatch your lawn just in time for summer.

Fall Cleanups: Besides raking and removing dead leaves, we check the hedges to make sure that nothing needs to be supported for the upcoming winter season.

Bark Mulch Blowing & Installation
Mulching flowers, bushes and trees creates a crisp and manicured look, while cutting down the time spent on watering, weeding and combating pests. It helps control erosion, prevents mud and helps hold moisture in the soil. At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town our professional operators can precisely apply mulch at a specific speed and for the desired thickness using an automated bark mulch blower.

Dethatching, Over-Seeding & Aeration Bark
At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town, our professionals use mechanical dethachers to take care of your thatching problems and ensure the job is done with accuracy. Creating pores in compacted soil, a process called aeration, improves root growth and builds drought tolerance. Over-seeding establishes a nice, thick turf on your landscape.

Tree & Shrub Service
At Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town, our tree and shrub service includes proactive and corrective pruning of trees and shrubs to ensure that your landscape remains healthy all year round. We provide:

  • Shrub Trimming & Tree Pruning: Our staff removes broken, diseased or dead branches to prevent decay-producing fungi from invading and infecting the healthy branches of your trees. Our shrub trimming service maintains the shape, fullness and bloom of your shrubs.
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization: Our staff blends fertilization with insect and disease control measures for exceptional results.
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding: As tree removal and stump grinding experts, we can remove unhealthy or hazardous trees. We also undertake stump grinding for aesthetically appealing lawns.

Organic Fertilizer & Chemical Programs
Repeated use of synthetic chemical fertilizers can harm your grass and spoil the soil quality. That's why at Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town our professionals use organic fertilizers that improve the overall health of your lawn, giving it a luscious green color. Organic fertilizers also improve foliage growth and encourage root development. Chemicals, however, act quickly and efficiently when getting rid of harmful insects and pests. Safety is our top priority when applying chemicals to lawns so that your plants, trees and grass experience little or no damage.

Tick, Flea & Insect Control 
Tick and flea control is a must to keep your garden, family and pets free of Lyme disease. 
Savscapes Landscaping Cape Town offers an effective liquid application that has a low toxicity level. We administer it in April, May, June, July and August when ticks and fleas are found in large numbers.

Did we miss a service you need or want? Don't worry. Contact us today and we can discuss your special landscaping needs.